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Echoes lost to time sound within the cavernous war room in Stormwind Keep as you enter.

"I've invited you here, the leaders of our mightiest guilds, to discuss the defense of our lands . . ."

"The forces of the crown are spread too thin . . ."

"We can craft a grand communication spell, alerting defenders of raids by the Horde . . ."

Welcome to the Guildwatch!

The Guildwatch is a loose collection of member guilds and individuals, dedicated to defending Alliance lands from incursions by the Horde. (For those of you just stumbling on to the site, this all takes place in Blizzard's excellent game, World of Warcraft, Feathermoon Realm). We maintain a global in-character alert network, as well as some tertiary channels, have a weekly role-played meeting, and sponsor other large-scale PVP and RP events. Please see the Guildwatch policy section for more details.

The concept behind Guildwatch is one of practicality. When the Horde first began raiding our territory, our earliest defenses were disastrously unorganized, with disagreements on command and general chaos. Our founders saw this, and wanted to make a difference. As Alliance guilds could bring the most resources when the drums of war sounded, it only made sense that they should try to work together to rebuff the enemy. It was at that first historic meeting when the guildmasters and Alliance leaders agreed to band together in cooperation against this threat that the Guildwatch was born.

What is the Guildwatch?
We are a communication network. We put people in touch with each other, to build relationships, improve the game, and better bring our weapons to bear against the Horde.
We are a defensive network. We come when called, and protect our people.
We are a role playing group. As members of Feathermoon, we enhance the PVP experience by our in character interactions.

Some of our members are present at every major conflict, and most of the minor ones. We can investigate any report of battle within five to ten minutes, and have the first wave of reinforcements there five minutes after. We are non-exclusive. Anyone can join, you just have to say the magic words in game: "/join Guildwatch". Please contact Mixler or Ocba on ways you can involve yourself or your guild with the 'watch.

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